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日期:2019-12-29 11:15 人气: 来源:未知

It’s a pity that the country has not given you a prize for the appearance of your beast and beast.
How can the country not take your face to study bulletproof vests?
Now the male is getting more and more fucking the country and the people.
"Hey me? You are the one who has done more to see who is the imaginary enemy to grab your business, right?"
"Even if you use Viagra, it is still a straightforward material, and it is destined to be a blessing in this life!"
"Don't say that I am very proud, but I refuse to deal with animals!"
Don't you think that you have reached the state of invincible and shameless in the world?
You don't know that your mother was born and you are angered by the world.
"It’s strange to blame me for being too young, it’s a man who can’t tell the difference!"
"It’s almost the same, but since you’ve gone crazy, I know what the gap is... I’m not stupid, it’s too stupid!"
"One day, I found out that my little pig suddenly didn't sleep late. It felt very strange. In the past, I saw that the pig didn't know what to drum up, and then looked closer. Wow, the pig is reading a text message!"
"I am just your ancestors. How can you do this, how can you forget your ancestors?"
It’s a fool to go to the mountains and plains. You are here too!
"My deep affection for you cannot be put into the language, except for the phrase ""Go and go."""
"Is it typed with a fart? You are paralyzed, saying that you thought you were a wild orphan."
"If there is no culture, at least someone has to say something, even people can’t count on what people say!"
"I don't know music, so I don't know how to make it."
I have never deceived you because I am not deceiving people.
"Look at your teeth, are you the same ancestor as the dog?"
"When you pick up the mirror and look at yourself, you think it is superfluous, actually... you are really superfluous."
It is now popular and free. But you are so free. Will be misled into aliens by others!
You are not like a dog. I throw a bone at the dog. It all knows that I am shaking my tail.
"You don't look in the mirror, look at your own long and cross-eyed eyes? Is it really your father, your mother, is you born like this? If you grow ugly, don’t you come out scary? If you have a bad heart, you will be Scared to death."
"I would like to ask if you have any good cows, and let me know how to be happy."
"Don't wear a sneak peek like a comfort woman, and the grenade will see you blew."
"You said that in addition to being idle all day long, it is necessary to drum up the things of the seven horses and eight. You said that you will do something besides these."
Can your mother sell the batch like a personal one?
"Your father should hold back at the beginning, why didn't you shoot the wall?"
", you are really long tm postmodern."
"If you don't have a slap in the face, I really don't know how thick your face is!"
"The north wind began to scrape again. You are always careless. Every time I want to remind you to wear more clothes, but you also replied with disdain every time: What is my thick pigskin? Is it still a little bit of a little wind?"
Why do you have to put gold on your face? Have you given your face?
"Don't you talk? You expose your IQ as soon as you speak. Don't think that you don't eat, I will talk to you, you are born with brain damage."
"Don't put your fart in the position of Laozi, don't take yourself too seriously."
"I am less than 2,500,000 in front of me, put POSE in the dress."
"Don't notice the calmness of the chrysanthemum face all day long, let people give you two exercises and you will be very cool!"
"You are the scum of society, the parasite of feces, the excess fat in the human body, the lowest level of low-level creatures, and the scum of men."
"With your ability to understand, I explained that you don't understand it, so keep on licking it."
"You are beautiful, there are men who love you, you are still sick, is this three?"
"I have nothing to do with the roots hanging, your mother sees a straight call~ I accidentally did not avoid it~ Get out of your big fool ~!"
"Are you fucking the night of marriage, the first night people use the belly button to lie?"
"Your mother is forced to raise you by selling, and you can continue to sell it in your generation. It is really the inheritance of the mother industry."
The sultry lifestyle is that you can only eat yourself and not let others fart.
Xiaoyan people take selfies every day. I am really worried that your mobile phone will be angry and die.
"We don't care about what you are doing, and you are stunned by the white eyes!"
"There is no end to the mouth, your home burns in the middle of the night, and the ghosts are caught under the lights. It turns out that you are fucking your mother."
"You will hurt my hand when you hit it, you will dirty my mouth, let's roll it, so as not to stain my eyes."
"You are at the level of a beast, but you can’t turn your finger at the human world."
"Some people always think that they are between the cow A and the cow C. In fact, they still don't know that they are between the stupid A and the silly C."
"Long face, clean your eyes, trouble you to see what is called face."
"Everything is not a thing, and everything is forced."
"I don't want to look at people by appearance. I also try to see your soul. As a result, your soul is no better than your appearance."
"The gold dog's eyes of your k finally understand it! Now I found out! Hey, is your IQ in your mind a tofu?"
"When you are a person, do you try to be humane?"
"You are a little bit too much, I can't help but laugh, sorry, don't think about your sad mother."
I finally found an adjective that suits your body - fat but not greasy!
"You, this half-length thing, give you a face, you don't know what you are?"
Are you sick or what is your brain? Who do you think you are? Not just a fool!
"If you say that the original spit is used to make sense, now it has become the nourishment of baptizing your body N times every day."
I stand this only to see you falling.
Your IQ is the same grade as the sweet potato and there is no upper limit.
"The world is big, but the big one you lack."
"Do you pull the cockroaches every time, then clean yourself up, and show off that you are very fragrant."
"The sluts like you are easy to hide, and the dark arrows are hard to prevent!"
"Let's do this first, say more, and in vain. These words are said to the dog. It also knows that I am yelling at it, saying to you, I thought I praised you."
Is your parent doing chemistry? You look like a test article.
"It takes thousands of years to change from a monkey to a human, and you will immediately become a monkey."
"Sorry, I didn’t hold back when I was a man, and a fart forced the two out!"
I’m going to show my face to others all day long. I want to tell others that you are Huang Shiren’s mother?
I blame myself for not having eyesight and treating you as a person. I knew that I would buy a dog leash on your neck.
"Stupid B egg, brain-detained grandson, there is a kind of shooting to the outer planet, it is too wasteful to live on the earth."
"As a whole, do something wicked, be careful to be reported to be thunder, brain damage."
"You fuck so much like to be rubbed by people, I want to say that I quit I don't like the bestiality."
"You are afraid of wasting bullets when shooting, you are afraid of dirty bricks when you shoot with bricks; if you walk out of the door, it will damage the city, and going out of the country will damage the country."
"Fifty-six kinds of sperm merge into one, you are just a little bitch."
"With a person you regard him as a dog, you will really be a good B, and your brain will be funny!"
Don't force me to add words or nouns between me and your family.
You are a long violation!
"Are you really a master of the world, have you given your face?"
"When you go out, be sure to wear a lightning rod to prevent it from happening. One day, after being thundered, I was crushed by the car. When I used a spoon to smash the body in the basin, we would be sad."
"I am not interested in your waste. I hope that the bigger the disappointment, the more I thought you could stay up two times. I didn't expect it to be a waste."
"Listening to your words, a sense of superiority in IQ is born."
"Who knows that you can only call two sounds on your mouth, and then there is no sound like a grass dog in the winter before you hibernate in the stove."
Don't show your shameless ability in front of Laozi.
"When you say someone else is ugly, first look for a mirror to wash your face and see if the peas keratin wrinkles on your face are laughing at you."
"Your merits can't be counted. The cow dung is skipping the dance. Everyone has gone through the squatting, crossing the mountain and resisting it. Don't be willing to take the humiliation. Press on your back, you can still lick on your butt, not afraid of stench. Can smell it. People send ya number: teasing!"
You know that you are a bag and you can only use it for a pen.
"It’s boring! Isn’t there enough people in China to die? The judges didn’t have your name. If you didn’t have funeral, you’ll be sneaked here."
"If I can forgive your vulgarity, can you tolerate my pretend?"
"You fucking the whole brain, and you are not willing to take your parents' family to lie to other people's semen."


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